Senior Java Web Developer / Consultant, San Jose

San Jose, California, United States · Engineering


Are you looking for new challenges in your career? Would you like to work in an international environment with the newest web technologies, in a company that is world-known for its open source products? Well, I have good news for you. We are looking for experienced Java developers to join our team in San Jose and help our customers build solutions with Vaadin Framework and its surrounding technologies.

This is what your typical day might look like in Vaadin:

Your day starts with the daily meeting with your development team. Some of your colleagues are located in Europe, where the day is turning into an evening. The development team is quite small - you have two colleagues from our HQ in Europe and two developers from the customer’s team. You go through the standard stuff, what you have done, what you will do next, are there any impediments. One of your colleagues has some doubts about one of the features he’s working on. You promise to take this up with the customer’s product owner later that day as you have a call scheduled with him just before lunch, but before that you want to take a look at that bug that you’ve been tracking down the day before.

It’s noon and you head out for lunch with some colleagues from sales. They tell about the deal they were able to close - great, you participated in a couple of pre-sales calls with the customer as a technical expert and helped out with the work estimates, nice to hear that we got the project.

Once you get back to the office, you put your headphones on, turn up the volume and get into your flow. Time to crush some story points!

To succeed in this position, we expect you to have

- Strong technical skills in Java

- Experience working with web technologies (you should be comfortable with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, having made some minor fixes to a web site 5 years ago is not quite enough)

- Experience working directly with customers

- Excellent communication skills

- Willingness to travel from time to time (how much depends on you, trips are always agreed upon commonly by all parties)

- Willingness to learn new things

We offer you

- A chance to be a part of the Vaadin team and work with cutting edge technologies and tools

- Excellent opportunities for career development in a growing and prosperous organization

- Possibility of using 10% of your work on your own projects that help moving Vaadin technology or community forwards

- A creative and friendly work environment with minimal bureaucracy

- Flexible working hours

- Competitive salary & benefits

This position is available in San Jose, CA. We'll help you relocate if needed.

Apply today! For questions or more info don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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