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Would you like to see how business web applications are transforming the work lives of tens of thousands of people? We’ve got great news for you: the Design team at Vaadin is hiring.

Vaadin is a globally recognized provider of developer tools for building business web applications. Our commercial success is based on services and additional products around the open source core.

Now we are looking for a front-end designer with strong visual skills to join our Design consultant team. You will be working on our customers’ web application UIs – from sketching the first mockups to placing the last finishing touches.

A day in the Design team

You arrive at the office exceptionally early today, at 8.15. There’s a good reason for the early rise: it’s time to gather around the table with your fellow designers for the Design team’s weekly show and tell. This is a great opportunity to get a glimpse of what everyone’s working on at the moment, and have some feedback of your work as well. You give some valuable feedback of contrast issues to a colleague in San José, and in return receive some tips on how to simplify the DOM of one of your web components, to allow easier styling in CSS.

After the meeting is over, you take a moment to check on your various Slack channels. The project team is welcoming a new developer member at the Berlin office. People at #curling are debating the final score from last night’s game. Someone is sharing a new movie trailer at #random. Business as usual.

Going through email, you are delighted by a message from the US-based customer. The design changes you made yesterday in Sketch and sync’d to the click-through prototype have been really well received. Even the brand manager – usually very picky about any deviations from their style guide – has given her thumbs up on the changes. This means you can finally finish a feature you’ve been iterating over with a developer for the past few days.

After the project team’s daily stand up, your work on the app’s responsive design continues. The app is rather data-heavy at places, and you have been working closely with the project’s UX designer to find new ways of presenting the content on different screen sizes. It’s a challenging task, but the great collaboration between you two makes things so much easier. The UX designer understands the mobile users’ needs really well, and can set the stage and priorities for you. You have enough freedom to explore different approaches in the UI to reach the goals. You bounce ideas back and forth and come up with several new ideas.

Job description

As a front-end designer in the Design team, you will work either independently or as part of a team on various customer projects. This is a full-time job, and you’re working at Vaadin’s HQ office in Turku, Finland.

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Candidates will be contacted as they apply, and the position will be fulfilled as soon as a suitable candidate is found. Send your resume and application today!

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